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DS-11 (US New Passport Application Form)

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What Is DS-11 Form?

Do you like to travel? Are you interested in starting your own business? Or probably you want to get a higher education? No passport - no way to make the above-mentioned issues real.

Form DS-11 is what you need in this case. It is the application that must be filed by all United States citizens if they want to obtain a first-time passport, replace the passport that was stolen, lost or damaged, renew the one that was expired for more than 5 calendar years ago or issued to the individuals younger than 15 years old.

An applicant must complete the Application Form for New U.S. Passport and provide it to the regional agency or passport acceptance facility. You must attach all supporting documents that are required (e.g. the receipts or drafts from the bank that you have paid the fee, and proof of identity). Remember, that you file the unsigned form.

There is a set of the requirements that must be met by the applicants:

  • the U.S. passport has never been issued to you before;

  • you have approached the age of 16;

  • you were issued the most recent passport more than 15 years ago;

  • your most recent passport was stolen or lost;

  • you have changed the name since your first U.S. passport was issued and you did not document this change;

  • get ready to provide a photo (2x2);

  • confirm your United States citizenship.

The photo that you attach must be taken on a white background and be in color. The face must be centered and normally visible. The photo taken more than 6 months ago is not acceptable. It is recommended to file the most recently updated version of Form DS-11 that is for 2013.

How to Fill out DS-11

You have an option to download the New Passport Application on our site. It may be available in both PDF and Word formats. We are sure you do not want to spend time, print the document and complete it over and over again because of the mistakes that can’t be left without editing. Fill out your DS-11 online, correct the mistakes instantly and send a perfectly completed sample to the regional agency.

Generally, the application consists of 2 pages. You must provide the following information while completing:

  • name (last, first and middle);

  • date and place of birth;

  • sex;

  • contact information;

  • social security number;

  • your previous names;

After you indicated all these details, you must input your photo that meets all requirements mentioned above. Apart from that, you must provide the information about your parents, wife or husband, your physical parameters like height, hair and eye color. If you have some travel plans, you must also describe them in a DS-11. Remember not to sign the document until it is required in the agency.

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