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FAQ - Form DS-11

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For a child born to an American outside of the US, how soon do the parents need to apply for a US passport or SSN, so as not to
The child either is a US citizen or he is not, he cannot lose it. You don’t apply, it’s imposed. What you seek to do is get it recognised and others have shown how you do that.Increasingly though, many are not outing their children to the IRS for the same reasons thousands are renouncing their citizenship, it becomes less possible to live a normal life overseas with US citizenship every time the law makers get together and think up another little wheeze to grab money from the end of a rainbow that has it’s end anywhere other than the USA, and who’s victims have little to no political voice in the USA.Of course, if you’re US citizens out in the world but still very much US citizens that will be back in the USA, that might not worry you much but if you are permanent residents of another nation who are yet to have their OMG moment when you realise you are in a ton of poop with the tax department of a nation where you don’t live, you might want to think twice before exposing your children to the same reporting, tax and penalty hell that you live under, even if you don’t know it - yet.They can put their hands up and admit to US citizenship any time they like, or not.“The US system of taxation and the US Government’s obsession with tracking “foreign” bank accounts has had a devastating impact on families, marriages, people’s jobs. Thousands have been forced to decide between their citizenship or staying with their families, undergoing financial ruin, limitations on the job markets, being able to retire or even more. Freedom of movement?”America’s bizarre relationship with citizenship ‣ Gregory Swanson ‣ Medium
I am from the Philippines and never been out of the country. What do I need to do in order to get approved on getting a US touri
Nowadays it is easier to obtain appointment for visa interview.These are what I did when i had mine.Go to the US Embassy website and choose what type of visa. This would be B1/B2 visa.Fill up DS-160 form - this is the form that would contain all the information they would need. You do not need to complete it in one seating because you can save it and go back to it to complete or edit.You have to upload a visa picture. Follow guidelines on how to have a US VISA ID picture.Once the form is completed the next step is payment of VISA fee. Usually it is with BPI bank. After payment (not sure how much now) the bank will give you a “code” that you will enter on the website. BTW you have to create an account so you can go back to it from time to time.Upload the proof of payment. Then the site will direct you to set up your visa interview schedule. Choose the date.Reminders on the interview: BE ON TIME. NO PHONES OR ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED. I MADE A MISTAKE HERE BECAUSE I FORGOT I HAD A USB STICK WITH ME. I HAD TO GO OUT AND THROW IT IN THE THRASH.BRING ALL DOCUMENTS WITH YOU. MAKE SURE YOUR PASSPORT IS VALID 6 MONTHS BEFORE THE DATE OF INTENDED TRAVEL. DRESS PROPERLY, BE DECENT. TELL THE TRUTH. BY NOW THE EMBASSY HAS ALREADY CONDUCTED A BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDED WITH THE FORM YOU FILLED UP.There is no need to show any documents as to property, bank account, etc.. since your work history is already included in the DS160 form.You just have to prove to the consul that you have no intention of overstaying so you have reason to go back to the Philippines.In my case some of the questions were; who am I living with and if I see my kids all the time.Be respectful. Clear in your answers.GOOD LUCK
How was your US visa interview experience?
I’m sharing my experiences (step by step) of attending the Interview on 6th July,2023 as follows.On the Day of Interview, there was a huge rush at the US Consular Office. Our Interview was there at 8.45 AM. But we (me & my colleague) reached there around 8.15 AM. There were 2 queues at the beginning i.e. 8.15 AM & 8.30 AM bannered Queues. Then 8.15 A.M bannered queue was replaced with 8.45 A.M bannered queue at exact 8.45 A.M. After 5 min, a person came who instructed us to keep Passport out from the Clear file along with the VISA Confirmation Letter & Appointment Letter, which were stamped by very previous day in VAC Office of Chennai. With getting ready of all these documents, the queue started moving. There were many securities –1st Lady Security: Please go ahead2nd Gent Security: Do you have Mobile phone?Ans-No,Q - do you have any electronic gadget?Ans: No,Q- please remove your watch and keep it inside your file.Ans: Ok, Thanks3rd Lady Security: Do you have Money Purse?Ans: NoQ- Ok please pull the door to enter inAfter entering into the huge heavy iron door, a security check team were there. They told to keep that file in a container provided by them & put in the automatic panel like there in Flight security check-up. By the mean time they told me to enter in a metal detective door by following the queue. After that one lady scanned all my dresses with a hand scanner, instructed me to go left to collect my file. I collected my file & pulled another door to enter inside a hall. A tall person requested me to sit down on the Chair present in the 1st line. In each stage there were CC TVs. After 5 min, he instructed to start moving by following the queue. Really, it was like opening the hidden doors. I was following the queue. Till that point also I was following to my Colleague who was there in front of me. After that all the people get inside to another separate building which was located around 300-400m from this building.There were around 3-4 securities who guided us the path to enter to the 1st phase of the building where 2 queues were there to check those documents kept outside of the file previously. For me, a foreigner (male, who was there inside the glass cabin) requested the Passport & an Indian (who seated outside of the Glass cabin) asked rest 2 documents to check. Then both of them given the 3 documents & show me the next hall where the actual Interview was happening. At that time, I was followed by a lady in the same queue & my colleague was there just before that lady in the same queue. Around 45 min passed after reaching the Consular Office from outside.Then a lady security was there who allowed the queue till my colleague & let us to seat & wait for some time. After 5 min again from the 1st person (lady) to follow the same queue. More 15 min we were there in that queue. Some observations done by me while standing in that queue as follows:There were around 12-14 Glass Chambers (separated), where all foreigners were sitting inside as the Interviewer’s. In each cabin there were a mike (for us) & loudspeaker (to get their voice correctly). I was really surprised to heard Tamil conversion going on in one of the cabins between a foreigner (male) & a 70 years old man. In another cabin, a beautiful lady was taking the Interview of a Vaastu Specialist (male, around 57 years). The Q & A were as follows:Specialist: Hello, Good MorningInterviewer: Hello, how are you doing?Specialist: Fine Ma’amInterviewer: What are you doing?Specialist: I’m a Vaastu Specialist.Interviewer: What is Vaastu?Specialist: Vaastu is like doing the forecasting by analyzing different scenarios before building a home.Interviewer: What is your Purpose of visit then?Specialist: My Client wants to buy a home in US, Virginia, So, they called me…. (2-3 mins)Interviewer: Sorry I can’t give you the VISA. Please take your Passport.Really the lady Interviewer was so strict. After that the lady security assigned my colleague in the same line where the Vaastu Specialist’s interview done. He was waiting for his turn as another person’s interview was going by the same Interviewer. Then suddenly the security assigned me into the 1st chamber of left corridor & requested me to stand beyond a yellow marked line in that chamber, because another person’s interview was going on.While standing on that yellow waiting line, I saw a lady was taking the Interview for a person (male), So, I was waiting for my turn. I tried to encounter all my confidence to clear the Interview & was praying God to get the success. I just saw the person got success in the Interview & wished to the Interviewer with a big Thank you. Now it’s my turn. She indicated me to come.Me: Hi, Good MorningInterviewer: Good Morning, Passport please..hey what is the purpose of your visit?Me: (Gave my passport through the path provided in the glass chamber) The purpose of my visit..Interviewer: Hey can you please come closer to the mike because you aren’t audible to me.Me: Sure Ma’am. Thank you.. (After reaching at the mike) My purpose of the visit is to gather all the business requirements for the phase 2 of the audit application, what we have designed so far.. to understand the business. Then come back to India, sit with my technical Team & give a proposal.Interviewer: Ok..What is the Audit Application?Me: Audit Application, what we have designed for all the Auditors who are working at ships. This application eliminates all those traditional manual processes with pen & papers with the automated one. So, that they can do audits & generate certificates through our application. The 1st phase of this application has already completed, now it’s the time of second phase because of which different people from different places are coming to take part in the discussion which will be held from July 16 onwards. I’m going there to gather the requirement for phase -2 to understand the business.Interviewer: What is your Designation?Me: I’m working as a Business Analyst in BSOL Systems Private Limited.Interviewer: What is this B.S.O.L?Me: Oh.. It’s my company. Business Solutions, a marine IT Industry, where 123 is one of the Clients.Interviewer: What is this 123?Me: Oh 123? It’s …, it’s our Client.Interviewer: What is your current salary?Me: xyz (what I mentioned in VISA form)Interviewer: Ok, Just tell me how long you are working in 123?Me: In 123 ..In BSOL, for 123 Project I have been working for around 1 year.Interviewer: Hey whether you will work in 123?Me: No, I worked in BSOL for 123 Project.Interviewer: Where you will stay in US?Me: Reston, VirginiaInterviewer: You will work there?Me: NeverInterviewer: Hey just tell me (curiously) how you got a chance from your office to visit there?Me: With a smile, maybe I have been working from the beginning of the project, that why I may get selected.Interviewer: Just assure me how you get comeback?Me: See, my husband will be here in India during that time..So, I have to come back..Interviewer: Ohhhh…with a smile…Ok…Congratulations for travelling…Me: Oh..with a smile..Thank You…Have a nice day!!! (I was so happy because she didn’t return the passport & congratulate me)So, this is all about my experiences. I received my Passport from Bangalore Consular office after 5 days. For the passport collection, I got the message from the VISA Consular office. Please note that while collecting your passport, please take any of your original Govt. ID Card like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, DL, etc.Hope sharing my experiences will help you a lot to crack you US VISA Interview.All the Best!!!
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