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FAQ - Form DS-11

How do I quickly get a passport for a newborn?
Here are the steps that are specific to Santa Clara County (including Palo Alto, etc.) in the SF Bay Area, but the general process will likely be similar elsewhere in the U.S. I just shared these notes with friends so thought others might find them useful:0. At the hospitalCarefully complete birth certificate doc at hospital including both parents' full names (as included in parents' passports). Mention that you will need to expedite getting the birth certificate to get a passport.1. Wait 4-6 weeks[As of April 2023. apparently due to budget cuts, Santa Clara County no longer offers an expedited option -- but I'm keeping the old phone number and info below in case that becomes helpful again to others in the future.]http://www.sccgov.org/sites/rec/...Recent birth certificates are usually available six weeks after the event. If you need a birth certificate earlier than six weeks after the event, you may contact the Santa Clara County Health Department at 408-792-5050.Make sure both parents' correct full names are included.2. Go in person to the Clerk-Recorder's Office to order birth certificate after confirming its availabilityhttp://www.sccgov.org/sites/rec/...Clerk-Recorder’s OfficeEast Wing, First floor70 West Hedding Street (at First Street)San Jose CA 951103. Call to make appt for photo & passport application at post offices. Double check availability of on-site photos & not needing a social security number for baby.Where to Apply for a Passport NationwideMENLO PARK - OAK GROVE POST OFFICE 655 OAK GROVE AVE. MENLO PARK CA 94025 MENLO PARK POST OFFICE 3875 BOHANNON DRIVE MENLO PARK CA 94025 6503232701 0STANFORD BRANCH POST OFFICE 531 LASUEN MALL STANFORD CA 94305 6503214239 2PALO ALTO POST OFFICE 2085 E BAYSHORE RD. PALO ALTO CA 94303 6503211423 3REDWOOD CITY MAIN POST OFFICE 1100 BROADWAY REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 6503684163 34. Complete DS-11 formGet a passport5. Bring to Post Office passport appointment:DS-11 form printoutBirth certificatePhotocopy of birth certificateBoth parents' passportsPhotocopies of both parent's passports (front & back, one-sided copies)CheckbookBoth parents + babyPay for expedited & overnight delivery (see latest time estimates at: Processing Times)[6]. If you need to expedite, then schedule 4 weeks before travel for an appointment 2 weeks out from traveling:San Francisco Passport AgencyMake an appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our automated appointment system at 1-877-487-2778.9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Excluding Federal HolidaysSan Francisco Passport Agency95 Hawthorne Street, 5th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94105-3901
What is your TCS interview experience?
I recently appeared for TCS interview process. I had an All India Rank of 62 in CodeVita 2023 which is the flagship coding contest of TCS. Around top 2023 rankholders from all over India got a direct interview through Codevita.I along with roughly 85 others from several colleges in Kolkata and nearby areas were called for the Interview in TCS Office on that day. The reporting time was 9:30 AM. We were gathered in a seminar hall and our resume and application forms were collected. We were asked to mention the programming languages we coded in, on top of the application forms. I wrote Python 2.7 and C++.We had a seminar to begin with regarding codevita and what is expected from us since we have proved our competence in codevita. Another seminar followed this and I really liked it. It was about digital enterprise, the new technologies and how TCS is using them or planning to use them. It was conducted by a very senior professional from TCS who had been with TCS for 20+ years.We were then taken to the block where interviews are conducted. The interview process started at around 12:00. Every 20 odd minutes a bunch of names were called and they were separated from others and taken to wait outside their allotted interview rooms. My name was in the last list to be called perhaps due to Python being my choice of language and I had to wait and watch all of my friends being separated from me. I got a cup of coffee from a nearby coffee machine which helped me a lot in this.Finally my name was called at around 2 PM and I got into the interview room at around 2:30 PM. The first round was mostly Technical with very little HR. I was asked to explain the questions I solved in codevita and explain my solutions. I did it pretty comfortably. One of them was a DP question and I explained it a bit too thoroughly although they didn’t ask for it. They looked satisfied.I was asked about competitive programming as I had mentioned it on my CV. I told them about SPOJ, Codechef, HackerEarth and other sites where I had been practicing frequently. I was also asked about the sites I read tutorials from and I told them about Tushar Roy on Youtube, Codecademy, Codeforces Blogs, E-Maxx.ru and GeeksforGeeks. They asked me why I chose python on some problems and C++ on others. I told them that I decide which language to use depending on the question. I prefer python when there are big numbers involved or there is a chance of overflow or too many strings are involved but I stick to C++ for questions involving data structures like graphs, trees, etc primarily due to pointers and STL of C++.I was also asked about my favorite programming language and I replied with Python as I had most confidence in it after spending more than 2.5 years with it. They asked me the reason for it and I said that prior to coming to college I had zero programming knowledge as it wasn’t a part of my school syllabus. Getting into programming was scary for me in the beginning. Python was relatively less hostile to me due its syntax and as I developed problem solving skills in Python, I found courage to try other languages ranging from C++ to Haskell.I also had several projects in my CV in python and web development experience using Django. I was asked about one of my small projects, Makaut-Notifier, how I designed it and what it does. I told them it is a simple scraper using bs4 and urllib that informs me of any new notices on the university website. They looked impressed. We discussed a bit more on python and I also took the opportunity to brag about my SPOJ rank and competitive programming percentile of 99.98 in Python (HackerEarth stats). Finally I was asked about my low marks in maths in class 12th. I had just 55 in maths in class 12th (overall 81.2 %). I told them I had taken academics for granted for a while in class 12th. I also spent a lot of time on one particular question in the paper which resulted me in not solving the entire paper (I didn’t attempt around 25+ marks, I came out crying from the exam hall). Overall I confessed it was my fault and a problem of time management too. I was honest and the interviewers appreciated it. The first round concluded. I peeked into my application form which they had and I could see “Strong Communication Skills” and “Lots of Coding Work / Achievements” written on it. I felt relieved.After around 45 minutes I was called for the second round which was Managerial / HR. Two interviewers were present in my room, one of them had already taken my technical interview and left shortly in the midst of HR round. I was asked to tell something about myself. It was an expected question but I believed in being impromptu and framed it in a way which started from me telling about my background, my passion for coding and then ended with me being an all-around learner.Most of my interview (30–40 mins) revolved around the same question of what would I do if I join TCS and I am not allotted a coding profile. I said that I would prove my worth in due time and the company would not waste an asset when they recognize it. He told me that TCS is a big company with lot of people and I could get lost in the crowd resulting in my skills never being acknowledged by top tier people. I replied that skill will always find a way and it is a gradual process, as first the peers recognize your skills, then immediate superiors and slowly the top tier management. It was more of the grilling with the same question with twists and turns for some time.I was also asked about my will to relocate and I said that I would love to travel as I haven’t got much chance to do so, so far. I was asked about changing companies after a while, and looking for better opportunities. I told him that I would rather be in the same company than shift unless the opportunity is too big, one you just cannot refuse stuff. There were other questions about my family, etc. The final question was why I couldn’t get into an IIT. I said that I didn’t work too hard, it was totally my fault of messing up class 12th. I also said that life is all about learning, and I have done so in my college life. He asked me if my relatively not so good performance in 12th was due to a girlfriend or love life and I replied that it was due to gaming, as the former would never be a distraction in my life, but rather a reason to work hard and a motivation. He smiled and said that would be all, and asked me to go have my lunch.I believe I was honest almost throughout the interview and the HR interviewer perhaps realized it. My main strategy was not to get manipulated by the question, which I more or less succeeded in doing so. Also it is about having a balance of honesty and smartness. I did my best to convince the interviewer and he looked convinced and impressed in the end. After the interview at around 4 PM, I was finally given my free lunch coupon for the day in TCS canteen. It was a non-veg Indian meal with ice-cream as dessert. After the meal, I was told I could leave for the day and I left the TCS premises at around 5 in the evening.The results were announced via mail after slightly more than a fortnight. I was selected for the job. Not only that I was invited for another round of interview a week later, for some roles with specific niche assignments (Differential Offer with the role of a Systems Engineer). I was one of the 4 people from my college and probably 19 people in the eastern zone or West Bengal, to get the invite for Innovation Lab. Apart from us around 15 people were selected from my college for the job.Overall, it was a very good experience for me. I also attended the Differential Offer interview, which went very well and I was appreciated by the interviewer. This was my first job offer from an MNC. I immediately told this to my Mom, Dad, Sister, close family and best friends and all of them were very happy. And when they are happy, I am happy. After all, life is all about people you love.Update [Oct 27, 2017]: Got Selected in the next round (Differential Offer with the role of a Systems Engineer) too. Waiting for the offer letter.Update [Nov 27, 2017]: The final offer letter after clearing all rounds of CodeVita interviews has been made to the selected people. I am one of them. The final offer is for the role of a Systems Engineer (in normal hiring you first join as an Assistant Systems Engineer - Trainee, then you get promoted to Assistant Systems Engineer and then Systems Engineer, but CodeVita candidates who cleared all rounds of interviews have been awarded with a differential offer). CodeVita has surely been a wonderful experience for me. :)
What can you do if your passport is lost or stolen while you're in a foreign country?
This happen with me in Barcelona, Nov 2017My Barcelona story: Adventure or worst nightmare !London(Can I enter?), Spain(if I have to stay), India(Go and come back)So, I was at the Nova Icaria Beach enjoying the cool breeze with my friends, we were having gala time. It was evening time, and then, 2 young boys passed by, they went till the tip of the beach and while returning one of the boy started interacting with us, he asked do you have cigarettes, and made us busy in conversation. It was just 2 mins then, I turned my face around to check my bag, and it was not there. Within fraction of second, I realised it was plot and I m being looted.This starts the worst nightmare for an #Indian travelling from #London to #Barcelona. Bag had my Indian passport. I ran to the road side, asking people if they saw 2 boys in black running with a bag, people here only understand Spanish. I tried to explain people with actions, one family said they saw boys with bag running towards the road. I came at the road side, there was no one there. I asked one person sitting on a bike for help. Police number, police number I asked him. He dialed 112 on my another phone, and told police that I have been looted here. I continued my search, I saw security guards and ran to them, explained them, he called other security guard, then started searching the nearby area. My friends on the other side were also in touch with other security guards near the beach. It was dark now, we all traced the route back from where we sat. Near the garden we found my sweater, driving license, medicines etc. But I was not able to find my passport. I had only one thing in my mind “Passport”. We kept our search on, hoping to find my passport, iPhone etc. By the time, I got call from tourist police in Barcelona, they were speaking in Spanish. I gave the phone to the security guards, we noted the address. And ran to the nearest police station. The police told the translator has left for the day. Come in morning and file an FIR.I was totally blank. Lucky I had my Biometric Resident Permit (BRP). I called my friends in London and asked for advice and help. I emailed my company’s manger for help. It was Saturday, evening time, he was quick enough to respond and provided me the global emergency numbers, I called the SOS team on the hotline, its real issue, they said, they took the Security Specialist team in conference. They guided me for the next steps.1. Police FIR for the stolen bag.2. Indian embassy in Spain.3. British embassy in Spain.4. Airlines (took on conference)5. Visa and immigration authorities.6. Indian embassy in London.I called the emergency number of Indian embassy, the gentleman said, without passport, neither border security forces nor airlines will allow you to enter London. You need to call the British embassy in Spain for assistance. If they can prthe letter. (Very unlikely)I called the British embassy help line number, since it was Saturday, everything was closed. There was one option to call the global emergency helpline number for British passport holders only. I choose that option and then it went to highest authority in London for emergency. I said I have BRP and will have police FIR. They said, 1st you are not British citizen, second you can’t entry London without passport, call Indian embassy for a official letter, which will help you to enter London.Today morning, we went to the police station and got the FIR done. I asked if I can enter London with the BRP and this FIR report. They said it’s all at the discretion of Airlines, Embassy, Border security forces, Visa and immigration department.I again called the Indian embassy in Spain, they said they can’t issue any letter, you can come to Madrid on Monday, where their is Indian embassy. Apply for emergency passport, it will take 7-8 days. At that time, I thought I am in real trouble now.There were three options left with me:1. Go to Madrid, apply for emergency Indian passport. Stay here for 8 days.2. Go India, apply for Tatlak passport and come back to London.3. The riskiest, board the flight, if they allow with BRP. And then in London if the border security don’t allow, I will be deported to India.Now, after 10 hours of full stress talking to different people, I called my parents in India. I am left with these 3 options. They advised me to go according to rules of counties and keep calm.So, if any good can happen it will be at the airport only, I have my flight at 8:50 p.m. from Barcelona to London. I came at the airport around 2 p.m. I rushed to the airlines customer service team. I told I don’t have passport, but I have FIR and BRP. They refused immediately. But I guess, this was always the first 1st response. Then I explained them every damn thing all my talks with embassy and airlines. They understood my request and then listened. They took images of my BRP, FIR report, photocopy of passport, schengen Visa etc and sent to London embassy, security forces and immigration department. They told me to wait for 10 mins for their response.I went to them, after every 10 mins, it was now 1 hr. They pinged them again. After 1.5 hrs, she smiled and waved her hand. They got email from London, approving you coming to London, now you can check in.At that time, I called my parents and was all in tears, I then informed my friends here, Company managers.Currently, I am at Barcelona airport, to board my 8:50 pm flight. I pray to god that, I could pass all the security checks and enter London.Story of an Indian citizen, with british resident permit, currently in an schengen country without passport.
What supporting documents are required for a B1/B2 visa interview and would the prospective Indian visitors need an invitation o
Dear Sir,Your parents need to carry below documents -original PassportOld Passport (if any)DS 160 CEAC ConfirmationAppointment ConfirmationLast 3 yrs Income Tax Returns / Form no 16Last 6 months saving Bank statementprofession proofCash Investments - FD, PPF, SharesProperty PapersInvitation and Sponsorship letter from inviteePassport and Visa copy of InviteeI 134 Affidavit of Supportlast 6 months payslips and bank statement of inviteeBirth certificate
What questions asked in H4 visa?
H4 Visa Interview Experience Location - ChennaiI scheduled my biometric test and visa interview on the consecutive days.Firstly, I would like to share the experience of biometric test.DAY 1Slot - 9.45 A.M.I reached to Visa Application Center around 9.30 A.M and they allowed me to go inside. After that they instructed me to take out my Passport, DS-160 form and Appointment Letter and stand in the queue.Then an officer verified my details in the passport and put a stamp in my DS-160 form. Later, I had to stand in another queue for biometric test where they scanned my fingerprints(both hands) and clicked my photo.That’s it !!Overall it took around 20-30 mins.NOTE - Mobile phone was allowed provided you have switched it off.DAY 2Slot - 10.45 A.M.Generally it’s adviced to reach the US Consulate a bit early so I reached there around 10 A.M and as expected, there was a huge queue outside.Soon they announced my slot timings and I was asked to stand in the queue.After a series of verification of passport finally I went inside. Again we had to scan our fingerprints and show our passport for verification.Finally, I was ready for THE INTERVIEW.Questions that the interviewer asked me - 1. When did you get married?2. Was it a love or arranged marriage?3. What does he do?4. Where did you guys meet?5. How much time it took to convince your parents?6. Show me your marriage certificate, wedding album and his visa.7. How many people attented the wedding?8. Where did the marriage happen?9. What kind of ceremonies you did?10. Is he already in US?11. Are you also working?I answered all of them honestly and confidently. Hence, my visa got approved.Hope this helps. All the Best :)
What is the process to get a student visa for USA?
If you’re looking to come to the United States as a student, you should understand that you must be able to prove that you’ll be able to support yourself throughout your entire stay. There is a restriction on work for F-1 visa holders. There are a few exceptions (such as certain on-campus jobs and very limited work off campus) for work. USCIS refers to this as self-supporting.Now that I’ve mentioned that, let’s move on to the actual steps.- You must first be accepted at an SEVP approved school. SEVP stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Program. You can learn more about it by visiting this site. Again, as you are considering schools, make sure it is SEVP approved or you will not receive an F-1 visa.- After you’re accepted, you must pay the SEVIS I-901 service fee. For F visa applicants, the fee is $200 according to the official government website. This fee is separate from your visa fees and any SEVIS administration fees. After this is done, you’ll receive Form I-20 from your school. You will need to present this form during your F-1 visa interview. If you’re going to bring your spouse or children, they also need I-20s, but they do not need to be listed in SEVIS.- At this step, you’ll complete your visa application. You will pay a non-refundable application fee. There is an online version available. Make sure that you complete and print Form DS-160 to take to your interview.- Now you need to schedule your interview with the U.S. embassy or consulate. Apply for it as soon as you can. An F-1 visa can be issued up to 120 days in advance of the day you start school. You can enter the U.S. with an F-1 up to 30 days before your first day of school. Make sure that you bring all of the proper documents to your interview: a valid passport, Form DS-160, the receipt for your application fee, a passport photo, and your Form I-20. You should also bring your academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, test scores (such as SAT or GMAT), proof of your ability to support yourself, and proof that you plan to leave the U.S. when your studies are complete.- Go to your interview. You may be required to undergo fingerprinting as well and you may need to pay a visa issuance fee. You will be told when you will receive your visa and your passport back.As you can see, getting your F-1 visa can take a lot of work. If you’d like to get help from an immigration attorney, consider LawTrades. LawTrades is a legal marketplace and you can get the advice and help that you need to get your F-1 visa processed.
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