Form DS-11

DS-11 Online Application Form to Get A New US Passport


The DS-11 Form should be completed and submitted for the next purposes:

  1. You need a first-time United States passport;
  2. You are required to replace a lost, stolen or damaged document;
  3. You want to renew a passport, that has been expired for than 5 years;
  4. You need to renew your passport, that was issued to a minor age 15 or younger;
  5. Your name has changed since your previous identification and you are not able to legally ensure your name change.

The whole application process takes about 4 to 6 weeks and may be completed in 3 steps. First, collect all the required information. Then complete the form DS-11. Submit the papers to a passport application acceptance facility or a regional agency. In case you want to renew passport, you may submit a request via email.

How to Prepare DS-11 Online Application Form?

The DS-11 form covers 2 pages itself and 3 pages of instructions. Look through the main legal requirements of the request.

  • Provide only true and accurate data.
  • Every field of the sample should be filled with needed details.
  • Read the instruction before completing the template.

Attach your recent passport photo 2x2 on a white background and a proof of U.S. Citizenship and identify certificates.

Insert the following information while completing:

  • name (last, first and middle);
  • date and place of birth;
  • sex;
  • contact details, including address;
  • social security number;
  • your previous names (if any).

Apart from that, you must provide the information about your parents, wife or husband, your physical parameters like height, hair and eye color.

For your convenience, use a fillable PDF template, that is available online. The template is editable, so you can make any changes to a form such as adjusting content and formatting. Note, that the digital paper should be signed to be considered legally binding. You may add your signature electronically, by typing drawing or uploading or print the document to physically sign it. You should use black ink and write as legibly as possible. Otherwise, you may be required to apply for corrections.