Form DS-11

How to Fill out DS 11 Form Online?


Today on the internet there are many different document blanks people use for various purposes. One of the most important is a form DS-11, U.S. New Passport Application. This sample is used by all the U.S. citizens who need to renew their passport. Note that it is important for every person to have a valid ID certificate.

When it is lost, damaged or expired, an individual is limited in his/her rights to execute certain actions. To prepare an above-mentioned form with ease you can create a fillable template in PDF. Refer to the instruction below. It contains a list of details required to fill out the paper online in no time.

Why to Prepare DS-11 Form?

We have compiled for you the list of cases when this sample should be prepared:

  • to replace a stolen or a damaged passport;
  • to renew one issued to an under-age up to 16;
  • you are under the age of 16 and have never been issued it;
  • to receive a first-time one;
  • your name has changed since you were issued a previous U.S. ID card.

Steps for Filling out DS-11 Blank Online

The process of preparing a DS-11 blank is quite simple. Using a digital template you can effortlessly complete and submit your application with no difficulties. Look through the simple steps required:

  • open a digital example by clicking a “Start now” button;
  • after that select the “Text” button to start typing the required information:
    • applicant`s personal information;
    • his/her marital status and occupation;
    • contact details;
    • status of most recent passport book;
  • once you’ve finished, click the “Done” button to choose what to do next with your file.

You have an ability to save a completed template to your computer, send it to a recipient straight from the source by email or fax or print it out in seconds. It is also possible to personalize your sample using our various editing tools. Remember to not sign a final DS 11 template unless it is requested by an authorized agent.

Where to File the Form?

A completed paper must be filed with the nearest passport agency together with additional documentation such as a certificate of the U.S. citizenship, identity document and recent color photo.