Form DS-11

Where Can I Get DS-11 Form Template to Print?


A passport is an important document that is used for certifying an identity and nationality of its holder. It can be required for multiple purposes, for instance for traveling, studying, applying to bank institutions or employment. If your ID paper is lost, damaged or expired, it can lead to some undesirable results. However, if you got into such situation, it is not a reason to worry. All you need is just to prepare a form DS-11, U.S. New Passport Application. In this article you will find a short guide as well as some useful tips for creating a sample easily.

When to Prepare DS-11 Form?

A DS 11 sample has to be prepared when you need to receive a new passport for certain reasons. Note that you cannot file a blank if you are not the U.S. citizen. We have compiled for you the list of situations when an individual should submit an application:

  • to replace a stolen or a damaged passport;
  • to renew one issued to an under-age up to 16;
  • you are under the age of 16 and have never been issued it;
  • to receive a first-time one;
  • your name has changed since you were issued a previous U.S. ID card.

If you fall with one of the above-mentioned categories, you are required to create a template and submit it to the nearest regional passport agency.

What Information is Required?

The DS 11 blank is a two-page document that contains a number of lines. Creating an application will be much easier if you try an online fillable sample in PDF. You just have to insert the requested information and then save a file to your computer or print it out in no time, if needed. Refer to the list of details you have to furnish:

  • applicant`s personal information;
  • his/her marital status and occupation;
  • contact details;
  • status of most recent passport book.

What is Due Date for the Form?

There is no specified filing date for the document. However, you have to take into account the processing time of a paper, as it usually takes from 4 to 6 weeks. Note that submitting fillable DS-11 form online will be much faster. You can send a file to a recipient straight from the source by fax or email.